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Laura C

"Thanks to Kevin Furay Fitness I was able to learn not just about nutrition, but also about working out. I was always intimidated by all the crazy number of exercises that are out there-- I didn't know which exercises I should have do to target which muscles, what the right form is, and how to best integrate the fat burning workouts with the muscle building ones. His program made everything super easy!! When I started the program I received a list of workouts with great pictures, descriptions, and ways to increase exercise intensity. I actually enjoyed doing the exercises -- whoever thought that was possible! By practicing with Kevin, I feel my new nutrition and exercise skills will stick around long enough that they can be part of my daily life, which is exactly what I wanted. This is a wonderful adventure with new knowledge, stronger muscles, and having dropped unnecessary pounds!"

Tami L

"As a busy, single mom of 3 teenage kids I need to be at my best all the time.  As I entered my 40’s I realized I was gaining weight, losing energy and feeling lethargic while trying to keep up with everyone's schedules and demands of life.  I made the commitment to give myself time to feel healthy, not just for myself, but for my family as well.

While working out with Ben, I’ve increased my energy by working out, lost stubborn weight that I couldn’t get off before, manage stress and even find myself singing and laughing more because I feel better all around.

Ben is great at working with my schedule, my mood, my strengths, weaknesses and eating habits.  The best gift we can give our families is to be as healthy and happy as we can be. Ben has allowed me to do just that. "


Jamie S

"I’m realizing that I’ve really made a lot of progress since I started with Kevin Furay Fitness. For the first phase of the program I learned how to track my food intake. In doing that, I’ve learned how to adjust my carb intake to effectively reduce bloat without also cutting my energy levels. During this past phase, I’ve practiced maintaining these healthy habits by checking in with my hunger and energy levels and what I’ve learned about portion size in order to keep up with my healthy eating without careful tracking. This has made it much easier to be social without worrying that I’ll derail my transformation. 

I’ve learned that I’m able to attack my workouts with far greater intensity if I don’t attempt them at the crack of dawn on an empty stomach. I’ve also learned that pre-planning my workouts and picking one or two (but no more) thing to improve during each workout (increased weight, more reps or sets, better form, less rest time, etc…) helps to keep me motivated.

In figuring out the above things, I’ve been off processed sugar for a month, and I don’t even miss it. I’ve cut WAY back on my alcohol intake and now choose the lower-calorie (and less likely to cause bloating) option of red wine when able to (i.e. when I’m not at a work event or otherwise promoting the products I sell). I’ve also learned how to incorporate kale into my morning smoothies (freeze it first!), and I’ve found supplements that I can take regularly as they don’t cause an upset stomach like so many I’ve taken in the past.

I feel stronger, firmer and proud of myself for making a commitment to this process. I’ve found that keeping promises to myself boosts my motivation and increases my vitality even if the scale is slow to move. I’m purposefully writing this before I do my next measurements and weigh in, because I wanted to recognize all that I’ve been able to change beyond the scale or measuring tape. These are the things that will serve me moving forward as I continue to transform my body into a more healthy version of itself, and they are truly more important than the numbers.

Post measurement addendum: Today’s measurements shocked me! Apparently easing off of weighing my food and just listening to my body worked wonders! I’m down another 6.5 lbs, 2.5 inches off my waist, and 1.5 inches off my hips!"

Brittney S

"When I first started working with a trainer, I was skeptical if it was going to work or not. Unfortunately, it took my grandfather having two strokes back-to-back and being hospitalized to make me realize that I needed to make a change. The only thing that got me back into the gym and start the change is Ben.

One of the first things that changed was to make a food log. While maintaining it, we tried a few different eating schedules and tried calorie counting. This helped me learn what worked best for me. Learning to incorporate a variety of foods with key nutrition back into my diet also has made a huge difference in how I feel. 

I truly have gotten my life back and gained discipline to get on track with a healthy lifestyle with the help of Ben. When roadblocks come up, he is right there and is great at reassuring me I am doing the right thing and times are going to get better. Ben has made a customized food and life plan for me which I love since he is taking a full life approach compared to just the physical part of this journey.

I still cannot say thank you enough and appreciate everything Ben has done for me!"

Kara S

"I've never been "overweight" but rather a little bit chubby. Most weight-loss programs are not meant for me. They are targeted at people who have tens of pounds to shed, not 10. This has been one of the most difficult aspects of weight-loss for me. When I joined Kevin Furay Fitness, it felt like he knew exactly what I was trying to do. His program appealed to me because my goal wasn't necessarily this huge utterly life changing insurmountable task, but one of moderation, small movement, and teensy changes that still have big results. Just by dropping a dress size would be mean that half my closet would re-enter my wardrobe. It would mean feeling more comfortable in my favorite pants, and not having to spend a lot of money on buying a new suit. It sounds so easy but those last 10 pounds are the absolute hardest to lose. Over the course of these past  month, I have lost the first 4 or 5 lbs needed on my journey and I feel so much better. I'm down several inches in my hips and even a little bit in my waist. The size 6 jeans that I love for the fall and my favorite white dress from the summer can be worn again without the muffin top. I even like the way I look in the mirror. Another benefit was the community. Going through this with people, even if I didn't know them, helped me not only to share my experience but to learn from others! As everyone shared their daily struggles or successes with eating or going to the gym I felt less alone and more committed. It helped me on more than one occasion to walk away from the cheese-balls at the office and have a glass of water or eat an apple instead. I know I still have a ways to go, but I also know I can get there."

Louise C

"I have been challenged in losing those stubborn 7lbs for the last year or so, but I have really enjoyed the program, especially having Kevin on hand for guidance.

The current program has given me a better awareness of why my lifestyle and habits are stopping me losing weight - eating out too much and not planning ahead. It really took me until the last week to properly get into the swing of better habits, by which time I had cut down the socializing and was taking meals for lunch.

Unfortunately a minor bit of surgery stopped me from doing my workouts for just over a week, but I've recovered and am back out running and have been to the gym.

I have a wedding coming up next weekend and the dress fits well already - I'll be continuing with my new habits - the healthy eating, meal recording and fitness as I feel much better, more relaxed, fitter and positive about losing more weight - thank you, Kevin!"


"The challenge was what I needed to get myself to prioritize myself. It helped me think of what's going in--garbage in, garbage out. I've been limited by a mindset that there's never enough time to get workouts in and that my schedule and obligations--both personal and professional--hinder my fitness goals. I know now that when you make time, things have a way of falling into place. 

The program made me focus and persevere with new tools in my arsenal. It feels freeing to be accountable to someone for making sure I follow through on the workouts and nutrition guidelines. The sense that someone/something is overseeing how i treat myself made me reconsider choices (food and activities--or non-active endeavors) during the past few months I feel better than I have in the last decade. I've learned to be forgiving of myself too for the same decade, of not doing a better job and happy to be making steps now in taking better care of all of me. 

Taking my measurements and weigh-ins are a moment of pride now. I went a long time with mostly good behavior that hopefully continues to be habits I'll stick with for good. I just need to keep the focus and keep the momentum we've started. Ending on high note, for a party yesterday I was able to wear a dress I have not worn in a while because I did drop another dress size!"

Tina K

"When I started with Kevin Furay Fitness, I was overweight, exhausted, and miserable. Thanks to the plan that Coach K and I came up with, I am now healthier, sleeping better, and far more active. I make better nutritional choices, mindfully choosing the things I eat.  I have cut down severely on sugars and have almost completely vanquished my junk food addiction. I have learned to eat every few hours when hungry. I love to work out now and excited to keep this going as my inches have come flying off!  I feel better than I ever have. This is just the beginning of my journey and I can't wait to see where it takes me.  I am grateful for the things I have learned through this program so far and will continue to use them for life. It's inspired me to change not only my health but the way I look at myself and the people around me. It's helped to make not only a change in myself, but a change with my husband as well. I am loving this journey of health."


"This is not a typical success story, because I'm just getting into my fitness journey and haven't made it to my end goal. At the beginning of this program I was already down 86 lbs since May 2013, however, I had simply been maintaining for the last 6 months. I signed up for Kevin's program because he offered me (1) something new to focus on and (2) a new group of people to be accountable to! I have already lost 12 pounds since starting the program. Focusing on strength training 3x a week really kickstarted my metabolism, which had slowed to a crawl. I notice the difference in energy I have in every activity I do, whether it’s one of the 3 workouts in this program, running, spinning, or a class at the gym. One of the biggest gains for me from this program was the introduction of ‘finishers’ into my workout. In the treadmill finisher, I realized just how much faster I can run than easy pace I have been cruising along at. For me, this has been a transformation from being active to being athletic; and in 2 weeks I will run the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia to celebrate!"

Jen D

"Before:  A lady lacking motivation that should know how to eat better and how to work out but wasn’t!

After:  A lady who has more motivation and much more knowledge.  The program helped me to learn that I could do without certain foods.  Since the program began, I have been more aware of what I am putting in my body.  I have almost given up soda completely.  Kevin has helped in our kitchen too!  The food we make at home I quite tasty and much healthier.  My husband is happier because my cooking is better.  He has lost several pounds as well.  We both have much more energy which has resulted in an extra walk together almost daily for our two dogs, Nico and Mina.  So, it has really been a helpful challenge for our whole family.

The workouts are fantastic!  If I can't get to the gym, Kevin taught me I could do a challenging workout at home while watching the Vuelta de Espana and in a short time period!  My bike rides are a little quicker. My clothes are a little less snug. I have motivation to break out of my rut! I feel I have more tools in my belt to continue my journey!  This year I turned 40 and I was really thinking that metabolism bug bit me in my bum but now I feel like I can turn my age into something really positive so I can help and inspire others. "

Jo D

"There have definitely been some positive benefits to taking part in this program with Kevin.

My afternoon snack of crisps or chocolate at work is no more. I’ll now have a piece of fruit or some vegetables.

I drink a lot more water. Even though it makes me go to the bathroom more, it does stop me eating so much, my skin is clearer and I figure that if I’m walking to the bathroom more, that’s more steps on my pedometer.

I’m in an exercise routine. I am now taking more training sessions at the gym and have started running again, only 5km a session, but my stamina and speed is improving and I’m getting a real sense of achievement from racking up the miles on my FitBit.

Possibly not a side effect you were anticipating, but I’ve discovered that leading a healthier lifestyle during the week means that I bounce back from my weekend hangovers a lot easier. It’s a great incentive to look after myself that much better.

I’m not sure I was ever going to have the discipline to reach my goals, but with Kevin I think I can and I need to take a more long term view. Participating in this program has made me re-evaluate my relationship with food and prioritize exercise. My measurements show that I am closer to achieving my goals, so, thank you for helping me find the right track."



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