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Jason F.

The LBD Challenge has helped me to feel healthier and more confident.  I feel more limber, I sleep better, and I just feel better.  I have gotten so many compliments from people over the past couple of weeks. I was able to wear a suit, I haven't been able to fit into in almost a decade and when I posted a photo in that suit on Facebook it blew up.  I saw students I haven't seen since last year at their Homecoming dance and they were shocked at how much better I looked. 

As of the last day of the challenge, I can now officially say my weight is in the 220's, something I haven't been able to say in 11 years.  While my weight-loss journey began long before this challenge, it definitely gave me a big boost towards my goals.  My weight hadn't really changed in over half a year, but over the past for weeks with the meal plan and exercise schedule I have been able to drop almost 10 lbs and put on a good amount of muscle.  The challenge has helped me create good habits that will help me to continue to move in this direction.  I hope we do another one soon. 

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Tracy M.

For a long time I have known more about what I should be doing with food, than what I have actually been doing. Likewise, my workouts had slipped into a habit that was not pushing me toward any new growth. It was way too easy to ignore the small, everyday behaviors that I had fallen into. The challenge provided the perfect opportunity to press the reset button—to challenge everything—my eating habits, my physical behavior, and my mindset.

I was somewhat excited to start the challenge, and I knew it was an effort that was long overdue on my part. Still, I was surprised that my excitement, commitment, and determination grew as the challenge went on. I am exhilarated by my weight loss so far, and I am looking forward to riding this momentum for even better results. One of my biggest joys has been achieving greater mobility in my shoulder and a lessening of the chronic pain that had become a part of my life.

As the official challenge is coming to a close, I am eager to continue my personal challenge—improved eating, a more rigorous physical regimen, and a mindset that I can do and be anything. The longer I do this, the less of a challenge it becomes!

Thank you Kevin and Ben for the care and effort you put into this challenge, and for your unfailing encouragement and support!!

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